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Thai Plant Names


The database includes the Thai plant names-botanical names covering about 70 percent of vascular plants known from Thailand based on the book "Thai Plant Names" by Tem Smitinand (revised edition 2001).




This bibliography contains more than 2,500 references of monographs, taxonomic revision, new records, new species... etc., of vascular plants found in Thailand. It has been primarily designating as a practical tool to search for the most relevant papers concerning plant identification, classification and nomenclature of some taxa of Thai vascular plants.


Plant Specimens databases


  • Type specimens database
  • The database includes 432 type specimens deposited at the Forest Herbarium. Images are also available.



Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) database


The database includes all papers published in the Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) since the first number and can be downloaded in pdf in each papers or the whole issue.




Campanumoea javanica Blume

Campanumoea javanica Blume

Climbing herbs, roots thickened; leaves opposite; flower simple, axillary, campanulate; calyx adnate below and free from ovary, persistent; corolla with purple patches inside; ovary inferior to corolla; stigma 3-lobed; berry purple. Distributed in India, Nepal, Bhutan, S China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Java, and N Thailand; scattered in montane forest, 1000-2000 m.

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Flora of Thailand Vol. 11 part 3

Arecaceae (Palmae)



Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) No. 41, November 2013

















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Cookeina sulcipes (Berk.) Kuntze
Cookeina sulcipes (Berk.) Kuntze














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